Community Spotlight

Lauren Braught shown preparing a hole for planting

PA: Keystone 10 Million Trees Partnership

The Keystone 10 Million Trees Partnership is a multi-year effort designed to spark governmental action, public attention, and funding to rally efforts around Pennsylvania’s Chesapeake Clean Water Blueprint.

Neighborhood without a tree canopy next to neighborhood with ample tree camopy

Baltimore Tree Trust: Doing More Together

Baltimore’s lead tree-planting partner, The Baltimore Tree Trust, works to restore Tree Equity by increasing canopy cover in neighborhoods. They built community trust through word-of-mouth, informing tree planting and maintenance, one neighborhood at a time.

Four individuals plant a tree alongside the Chesapeake Bay at the Perry Point Veterans Medical Facility.

Maryland: Trees, Veterans, and Public Health

The Maryland Forest Service works with a range of veterans facilities to plant trees and utilize the health benefits trees provide. One facility, Perry Point VA Medical Center, became the first recognized Arbor Day Foundation Tree Campus in Healthcare.

Baltimore: Reclaiming wood, lives and communities

The Baltimore Wood Project created a framework to be more thoughtful about urban wood “waste” in the city. With new partners and ideas, they modeled a regional economy around wood and land restoration.

DC: DDOT Launches Urban Wood Utilization Program

The District’s Urban Forestry Division opened a new milling operation to recycle District-owned trees for use as benches and chairs in public schools. All while teaching students about the lifecycle of trees.

Tree City USA logo

Celebrating our Tree City Communities

Nationwide, over 3,400 towns have received their Tree City USA recognition and take pride in this distinction. In the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, there were over 130 recognized towns and cities recognized by this program in 2016.

picture of volunteers planting a tree on Arbor Day

Delaware: Greening through Grants

Delaware’s Urban and Community Forestry Program is raising the standard when it comes to engaging diverse constituents in tree planting and care.

a picture of shovels laying the back of a truck bed

Baltimore, MD: Reaching New Audiences

TreeBaltimore is Baltimore’s program for the coordination of all tree plantings by city agencies, nonprofit organizations, neighborhoods, and community associations.

the Canopy 3000 logo without text, drawing of trees with a skyline behind them

DC: Canopy 3,000 Partnership

Canopy 3,000 is a short-term public–private partnership that will bolster efforts to increase the tree canopy in the nation’s capital.

a picture of people planting trees

Virginia: Fostering Tree Stewards

Through proper tree planting and maintenance, outreach and public education, Virginia Tree Stewards serve as an example of how volunteers can help increase tree canopy in local communities.