Understand your Canopy

The first step in working toward a tree canopy goal is understanding what you have. Thanks to the investments of Chesapeake Bay Program partners, we are fortunate to now have ready access to “wall-to-wall” high resolution land cover/land use data for the entire watershed, for the 2013/14 and 2017/18 time periods. Updated data based on 2021/2022 imagery are anticipated in 2024.

New county fact sheets are now available for all Chesapeake watershed counties sharing tree cover status, benefits (from i-Tree) and change information over the 2013/14 to 2017/18 time periods. Use the map viewer below to find your county’s fact sheet. Municipal fact sheets will be produced later in 2023.

Visit the Data Guide for more information on the data sources included in the fact sheets, as well as additional resources. Access to land use/land cover map viewers, GIS datasets, and detailed methods documentation are available from Chesapeake Conservancy.

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Trees Count App logo

Trees Count

Free urban trees inventory app now available on iTunes and Google Play.

Urban Forest Assessments Resource Guide

Urban Forest Assessments Resource Guide

Urban forest assessments are a key tool to help quantify the benefits
that trees and urban forests provide, advancing our understanding of these valuable resources.

Graphic with trees, city and text "i-Tree Landscape"

Webinar: i-Tree Landscape

Learn how to use the i-Tree Landscape tool which combines ecosystem services calculations, demographic data and high resolution tree canopy data for the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

Photo of wetland with text Chesapeake Bay Land Cover Production Program

Chesapeake High-Res Land Cover Data

Learn about and download high resolution land cover data (2013), including tree canopy, produced by the Chesapeake Bay Program partnership for the entire watershed.

Tree Vitalize logo

PA Community Tree Map

This tool gives Pennsylvania communities the ability to conduct tree inventories, monitoring activities, and urban tree canopy analyses, as well as track tree maintenance and stewardship activities. View webinar to learn how to use it.

a screen shot of "Urban Tree Canopy in the Nation's Capital" story map

DC Urban Tree Canopy Story Map

A Story Map in ArcGIS Online of how the Nation’s Capital created and maintained a urban tree canopy program and how it has worked and changed over time.

Tree Vitalize logo

Conducting a Community Tree Inventory

Penn State Extension’s Forest Resources describes the process of conducting a tree inventory and the four phases it can be divided into: planning, implementation, application, and maintenance.