Expand your Canopy

Grow your canopy by planting trees

Grow your canopy by planting trees

Explore our growing list of funding sources and partners to help you get more trees planted. Learn from others’ successes in the Community Spotlight stories, and explore outreach strategies to engage your community. Browse our “How-to”/Best Practices resources to increase the impact and longevity of every tree planted.

Make it Count

Make it Count

Planting a tree is relatively quick and easy, but making sure it survives and thrives is essential. Join an existing group of tree stewards who help care for community trees – or start something in your community.

Resources & Stories

How To - Best Practices

Great guidance on a variety of community greening topics, from basic to advanced.

Community Spotlight

Learn from the innovative work of local and state tree canopy efforts around the watershed.


Find the key technical assistance partners supporting  tree canopy in each state and region-wide.


Links to the primary grant programs supporting tree planting and care in each state and regionally

Outreach Strategies

Explore outreach materials and strategies used by communities.

Tree Stewards

Find programs across the watershed that help train volunteers to plant and care for trees.