Trees for All: Chesapeake Regional Environmental Justice Workshop

On August 8-9, 2017, 120 urban forestry and community engagement practitioners from government, nonprofits, and the private sector explored how to principles of environmental justice impact their work at the Trees for All: Chesapeake Regional Environmental Justice Workshop.  This Workshop covered some of the underlying factors that contribute to unequal distribution of quality canopy coverage in communities and provided opportunities for participants to map out how to overcome these barriers where they work. Attendees learned how to model their own success at home from regional and national examples of successful community-driven tree programs.

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Check out the Workshop agenda and more detailed speaker information linked here, and presentations linked below. Trees for All: Chesapeake Regional Environmental Justice Workshop is part of the 3-year Growing Tree Canopy through Environmental Justice Project, an effort to realize goals marked in the Chesapeake Bay Tree Canopy Management Strategy. Trees for All was supported through a grant from the USDA Forest Service in partnership with Chesapeake Bay Program, Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Prince George’s County, DC Urban Forestry Administration, Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, and Lillie Leaf Solutions.



Urban Forestry & Environmental Justice Research Panel

Environmental Justice, Trees, and Health (Sacoby Wilson, PhD, University of Maryland) slides

Urban Forestry & Environmental Justice Research (Dexter Locke, PhD, USDA Forest Service) slides


National Perspectives Panel

Oakland, California (John Kevin Jeffers III, Urban ReLeaf) more information

Camden, New Jersey (Lisa Simms, New Jersey Trees Foundation) slides

Miami, Florida (Gloria Alejandra Antia, Miami Parks and Recreation) slides


Regional Perspectives Panel: Tree Baltimore Panel slides

Tree Baltimore Partnership Overview (Charlie Murphy, City of Baltimore)

Uniting Baltimore through Parks (Valerie Rupp, Parks & People Foundation)

Connecting Orchards, Cultivating Community (Eric Sargent, Baltimore Orchard Project)


Practical Exercises

Starting Where We Are: Framing the Context for our Work agenda

Overcoming Barriers, Valerie Rupp, Parks & People Foundation) slides

Modeling Success at Home see agenda