Columbia, PA: Leveraging Memberships and Donations to Finance Trees

Columbia is a small town (borough) located on the Susquehanna River in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  Current tree canopy cover in the borough is 43%, and with assistance from the USDA Forest Service and the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, Columbia developed the goal of increasing its canopy coverage by 7 percentage points by 2020.  To … Read More

Montgomery County, MD: Generating Revenue and Mitigating Tree Canopy Loss

Adjacent to Washington D.C., Montgomery County is Maryland’s most populous county.  Its large population supports a demanding and competitive housing market, which over the past two decades has fostered a trend in residential lot redevelopment. The state Forest Conservation Law helps slow the loss of forests during development, but it generally applies to development activity … Read More

Graphic with trees, city and text "i-Tree Landscape"

Webinar: i-Tree Landscape

Learn how to use the i-Tree Landscape tool which combines ecosystem services calculations, demographic data and high resolution tree canopy data for the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

Photo of wetland with text Chesapeake Bay Land Cover Production Program

Chesapeake High-Res Land Cover Data

Learn about and download high resolution land cover data (2013), including tree canopy, produced by the Chesapeake Bay Program partnership for the entire watershed.

Three photos of children doing i-Tree projects with title "Teaching with I-Tree" by Project Learning Tree

Teaching with i-Tree Guide Released

Project Learning Tree has published a new set of activities designed to engage middle and high school students in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) as they calculate the economic and environmental benefits of trees. Students input data they collect into a free online tool that calculates the dollar value of the benefits provided by … Read More

New National Site:

Comprehensive national resource includes a document builder, hundreds of case studies, videos, methods and best practices, benefit calculators and other tools on how adding trees can boost overall system performance, often at lower costs.

Vibrant Cities Lab: new national go-to resource for urban forests

Article by Ian Leahy, excerpts reprinted with permission from American Forests Magazine, Fall 2017 VIBRANT CITIES LAB:  A State-of-the-Art Platform to Help City Leaders Harness Urban Forests America’s cities are experiencing a period of remarkable and exhilarating renewal. City governments, community groups, nonprofits like American Forests, universities and many other institutions are all working to help … Read More

Celebrating our Tree City Communities

Nationwide, over 3,400 towns have received their Tree City USA recognition and take pride in this distinction. In the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, there were over 130 recognized towns and cities recognized by this program in 2016. Read more.

Tree Vitalize logo

PA Community Tree Map

This tool gives Pennsylvania communities the ability to conduct tree inventories, monitoring activities, and urban tree canopy analyses, as well as track tree maintenance and stewardship activities. View webinar to learn how to use it.

Cover of Preserving Trees in Development Projects

Preserving Trees in Development Projects

This publication by the Penn State Extension explains tree health and environmental considerations and details how preconstruction activities, tree inventories, repairing tree injury, and post-construction activities can help preserve trees in development projects.

a woman and child walking past trees

Chesapeake Urban Tree Canopy Summit

At the Chesapeake Urban Tree Canopy Summit, policy makers, program managers and local tree advocates gathered to develop a management strategy and state action plans to meet the urban tree canopy goal in the Chesapeake Bay Agreement.

My Tree-Our Forest Tree Tag

My Tree – Our Forest® Tree Tags

Sets of tree tags promoting tree benefits, available for purchase as part of the National Association of State Foresters “My Tree-Our Forest” campaign.

Delaware Urban Community Forestry logo

Delaware Urban and Community Forestry Grants

Through a federal grant, the Delaware Forest Service offers up to $40,000 each year to communities throughout the state for tree planting, tree care, and tree management projects on publicly owned lands.

Chesapeake Bay Trust logo

Chesapeake Bay Trust Grants

The Trust’s grant-making strategies are shaped by three core objectives; environmental education, demonstration-based restoration, and community engagement.

Maryland Department of Natural Resources Forest Service logo

Tree-Mendous Maryland

TREE-MENDOUS MARYLAND, a program of the Maryland Forest Service, remains one of our most popular programs aimed at helping citizens restore tree cover on public land and community open space in Maryland.

Maryland Department of Natural Resources Forest Service logo

Marylanders Plant Trees

Marylanders Plant Trees was launched to encourage citizens and organizations to partner with the State to plant new trees and gives citizens $25 off the purchase of a native tree at 86 participating nurseries across the State.

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) logo

NFWF Urban Waters Restoration Grants

The Five Star and Urban Waters Restoration Program seeks to address water quality issues in priority watersheds, such as erosion due to unstable streambanks, pollution from stormwater runoff, and degraded shorelines caused by development.

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) logo

NFWF Chesapeake Grants

Working in partnership with government agencies and private corporations, NFWF’s Chesapeake Bay Stewardship Fund awards $8 million to $12 million per year through two competitive grant programs and directed technical assistance.

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation logo

NY Urban & Community Forestry Grants

NYDEC is committed to providing support and assistance to communities in comprehensive planning, management, and education to create healthy urban and community forests through its Cost Share Grant program.

Tree Vitalize logo

Pennsylvania TreeVitalize Grants

TreeVitalize’s mission is to help restore tree cover, educate citizens about planting trees as an act of caring for our environment and build capacity among local governments to understand, protect and restore their urban trees.

Citizen Foresters in DC – Casey Trees

Citizen Forester courses educate tree stewards to identify, plant and advocate for trees in D.C. Citizen Foresters represent a group of over 1,700 dedicated students that have taken one of the four courses offered by Casey Trees.

TreesVirginia logo

Virginia Tree Stewards

The Virginia Tree Stewards program provides training materials to support local tree steward groups. Join one of the many local tree stewards groups listed on the Trees Virginia website or learn how to start your own.

Tree Vitalize logo

Tree Tenders in Pennsylvania

Tree Tenders® is a training program developed by Pennsylvania Horticultural Society that is offered statewide through the TreeVitalize partnership. For more information on training opportunities in the Chesapeake Bay portion of Pennsylvania, contact Shea Zwerver.