DE: Delaware Commits to Planting and Protecting Trees

Article by Sophie Waterman, Chesapeake Bay Program Office and Chesapeake Research Consortium

In March of 2021 Delaware Department of Agriculture’s Forest Service became the first state agency to sign onto the global goal to conserve, restore, and grow one trillion trees by 2030. The Department of Agriculture’s Forest Service was asked by American Forest to make a pledged to join to plant trees in the state. Delaware has a focused pledge to be committed to sustainable forestry and stewardship, restoration of forest wetlands and headwater forests, soil and water conservation, tree planting and maintenance, forest markets, urban and community forestry, wildfire reduction, and trees as an important buffer against climate change and coastal sea-level rise. Delaware’s Urban Forestry Coordinator Kesha Braunskill took on a leadership role by be accepting to be a member of the U.S. Stakeholder Council.

Group of 11 people standing around newly planted tree.
Governor Carney joined state and county officials at TEDI kickoff event. Flicker Gov John Carney.

Prior to joining initiative Delaware had created TEDI which stands for “Tree for Every Delawarean Initiative” in early 2020, which aims to plant a tree for each resident of the state, which roughly translates to 1 million trees. In early November of 2021 the first tree planting for TEDI took place in New Castle, Delaware. There is a dashboard that has been created to help keep tack of new trees being planted in the state. Residents can log on and enter data about trees they have planted. The pledge and TEDI are the two initiatives working alongside each other to help get more trees planted in the state.

Image of online TEDI Dashboard which shows number of trees planted
Tedi tree tacker. Found on

Urban Forestry Coordinator Kesha Braunskill has stated that planting trees is important, but management and conservation of trees is crucial for long term health and increased tree canopy. Delaware is taking the steps to ensure the long term health of trees through programs like Delaware Tree Stewards, which connects residents of Delaware to their landscape through tree plantings and learning how to care for those trees. The Tree Stewards program is aimed at building a core group of skilled volunteers who understand how to properly plant and care for trees across the state of Delaware.

Three people planting a new tree.
Photo from TEDI kickoff event. Flicker Gov John Carney

Currently all the funding for tree planning from the state is going towards trees on public land. The hope is that in the future that funding can be given local communities, schools, and communities that have been underserved. Some of the biggest challenges that Delaware is facing when it comes to planting trees are overcoming issues of having such a small staff and reaching out to communities to get them to plant and maintain trees.

The planting of 1 million trees is not just about planting new trees, but get people involved with their landscape, help build community, and getting folks aware of the importance of trees.