Chesapeake Urban Tree Canopy Summit

On October 14-15, 2014 — at the ten-year anniversary of the Chesapeake Bay Program’s first urban tree canopy directive — 75 policy makers, program managers and local tree advocates gathered at the Chesapeake Urban Tree Canopy Summit. This Summit kicked-off a process to develop a Chesapeake Bay management strategy and state action plans to meet the tree canopy goal in the new Chesapeake Bay Agreement. At the summit, participants identified and discussed successful policies, programs, and approaches that can be transferred across the region. These discussions covered the importance of local leadership, integration of tree canopy programs into other key local government goals like water quality, and the value of broad partnerships. View the UTC Summit Meeting Summary and the presentations below to learn more.



Opening Remarks

Joe Gill, Maryland Secretary of Natural Resources, recording

Mayor Jacqueline Goodall, Forest Heights, MD, recording


Meeting our Goals

Chesapeake UTC Goals and Progress (Julie Mawhorter, USDA Forest Service) slidesrecording

Putting UTC Assessments into Action (Morgan Grove, USDA Forest Service) slidesrecording


Finding the Bright Spots: Key State Strategies

Maryland (Marian Honeczy, Maryland Forest Service), slidesrecording

Virginia (Barbara White, Virginia Dept. of Forestry) slidesrecording

West Virginia (Frank Rodgers, Cacapon Institute) slides, recording

Pennsylvania (Christine Ticehurst, Pennsylvania Urban & Community Forestry Council) slidesrecording

District of Columbia (John Thomas, DC Urban Forestry Administration) slidesrecording


Integrating Urban Tree Canopy into Water Quality Goals

Green Infrastructure (Charlotte Katzenmoyer, City of Lancaster) slidesrecording

Chesapeake Bay TMDL (Don Outen, Baltimore County) slidesrecording

Stormwater/MS4 Permit (Steve Saari DC-DOEE, presented by John Thomas) slidesrecording


Local Innovations in UTC Implementation

Partnerships (Charlie Murphy, TreeBaltimore) slidesrecording

Outreach (Lou Etgen, Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay) slidesrecording

Maintenance and Health (Jess Sanders, Casey Trees) slidesrecording

Local Stewardship of Existing Trees (Louise Seals, Virginia Tree Stewards) slidesrecording